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Friday, August 5, 2011

Awe Inspiring Movie and One Killer Workout

Hello Hello!!

Hope you are all happy and healthy today!!

First of all, I cannot put into words just how wonderful the movie Soul Surfer is.  If you have not seen it I would recommend that you go buy it or rent it.  You will not be disappointed.  It is a good reminder of just how wonderful God is and how no matter what storms or hardships you face in your life time.  He still and will always have a reason and a purpose for your life.  So always stay strong in the Lord and he will work wonders for your life.

I would also encourage you to check out Bethany Hamilton's website.  There you can learn all about her and her amazing story.

So onto today's Food/Exercise Journals:

Food Journal

Breakfast: Coffee with Creamer and Greek Key Lime Pie

Lunch: White Bean, Spinach, and Tomato Pasta, and Buddy Fruit in Apple and Cinnamon Flavor (60 cals per pouch)

Dinner:  White Bean, Spinach, and Tomato Pasta, and a glass of white wine.

Snacks:  2 Weight Watchers Jalapeno Pepper Cheese Wedges and a Buddy Fruit in Apple and Cinnamon Flavor.  I also drank a cup of detox tea.

Water Intake: 8/8oz glasses

I have also been taking a multi-vitamin for the past two days.

Exercise Journal:

Playing, Chasing, and Taking care of 3 and 4 year olds
25 mins: Arm and Abs Workout

You can find this challenging but very effective workout at:

Another job that I have other than working with my AMAZING preschoolers is my dog/house sitting service called Critter Sitter. 

This weekend I have the privelege of staying with two precious furry friends.  While I am here it gives me a chance to take time for myself and relax.  Drink a glass of wine, try  new recipes, or read a good book.  But most importantly I get to spend some time with some amazing people...

The Chefs of FOOD NETWORK!!

This is how I spend my afternoon.  Getting inspired by great creative people.  Looking forward to doing a roasted veggie salad for dinner tomorrow night.

Buddy and Lucy say Goodnight!!

I hope you all have a wonderful night!
Stay Healthy!!
Remember Phil. 4:13



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