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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

New Diet and Exercise Plan

Greetings Everyone!!  I hope this post finds you healthy in mind, body, and spirit.  It has been a while since I posted last but in my defense I have been extremely busy working at my job with my wonderful preschoolers and my amazing middle school youth from church. 

But I am excited to say that come Monday I will be starting my new diet and exercise plan! I will also be starting my youtube channel again.  This time the channel will feature videos on health, diet, exercise, cooking, and being thrify in order to save money.  I am looking forward to be able to bring you these helpful videos once again. 

I have decided to follow Sophie Ulliano's Georgeously Green Diet.  Which focuses on eating clean unprocessed foods. 

My exercise plan is going to consist of a mixture of yoga, pilaties, couch to 5k program, and weights.  I will attempt to workout twice every single day.  I will be preparing a workout schedule for the week soon and I will be posting it here.

Last but most importantly I am going to make it a priority to start and end my day with God.  I recently returned from going to a Middle School Youth Conference at Massanetta Springs in Virginia.  The theme this year was "I of the Storm".  This theme reminded us all that God is always with us even in the middle of the storms that blow through our lives providing the strength and guidance to overcome them.  I enjoyed spending time with our youth and my fellow adult leader.  But I truly enjoyed grabbing a cup of coffee and spending my time fellowshiping with God and reading his word.  Another thing that I found useful is after reading and re-reading passages I would meditate and then journal my thoughts.  Most of the time my thoughts would begin with the material in the passage, but then I would always end with the things that I had weighing on my heart.  This gave me a way to give those things to God right at the start of my day.  That way I could face the day with a clean heart and mind.  God is so good and he can do anything!!  Thank you for reading this long post.  Looking forward to sharing more with you soon!



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