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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Today's Workout: BodyRockTV's It's So On Right Now Workout

BodyRockTV is the at home workout movement that can be found on youtube.

Today's workout was brutal and extremely challenging.
I did all of the beginner versions of all of the exercises since I am just starting out on there exercise program.
You can find all the information including a step by step video on how to do the workout by clicking the link below.
I recorded the amount of reps that I did for each exercise.  See if you can beat my scores.

Squats- 18, 20
Knee Pushup/Burpee- 5, 6
Turkish Get-up- 5, 5
Crab Leg Lifts- 30, 35
Right Elevated Foot Squat- 15, 21
Left Elevated Foot Squat- 19, 18
Lunge with Knee Crunch- 15, 20
Mountain Climbers- 34, 44
Lunge with Low Jack- 10, 16
Squat with Side Crunch- 14, 20
Exhausted but feeling extremely empowered!!

Stay Strong!
Phil. 4:13



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