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Friday, February 3, 2012

Satisfying Your Inner Health Nerd: My Favorite Health and Fitness Apps

Hey Everyone!!

Hope you are doing well today!

So today instead of bring you a snack recipe I thought I would provide you with some of my favorite apps.  One that includes a plethora of health snack options.

First is Pandora Radio
I love this App!
There are so many different stations to pick from and I love coming across songs that I haven't heard in years!

Next is Fit Radio
Sometimes on Pandora you might get a station where all of the music isn't peppy and upbeat.
Well with this app you are constantly being hit with amazing heart pumping beats!

Next is Spark Recipes.
This app is the Mecca of healthy recipes.
They allow you to save favorite, email recipes, and have various methods of searching for your next healthy dish.
Each recipe provides the ingredients list, instructions, and nutritional facts for them.

Next is My Fitness Pal
This is a great app if you are trying to keep track of what you eat.
It has a huge database of different foods and their calories.

Next is Unified Life style's Restaurant Calorie Database
This is a great app for preparing for a night out.
You can look ahead so that you can make a healthy choice when you get to your destination.

Next is the Interval Timer App By Plain and Simple Software
This is great to keep track of your interval workouts and such.
If you are a Bodyrocker like me, you know just how important your interval timer is!

Last is Shopping List Free.
This is a great way to categorize your shopping list to make your trip quick and efficient.
This is also a good way to avoid making any unnecessary purchases.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

Do something active even if its taking a walk or better yet try something new!

Have fun and I will see you on Sunday!

Remember Phil. 4:13
God Bless


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