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Monday, May 2, 2011


For those of you who know me know that I am a college student.  At the beginning of each school semester I always vow to not procrastinate.  I even make these elaborate calendars that are color coordinated, etc.  But somewhere between life and school, you probably guessed that I got behind...WAY behind. 

I am now trying my best to catch up.  I have had to over schedule my days in order to get everything done by Friday.  Not only do I have all of these computer assignments due that I got behind on I also have to make sure that I don't forget to take the finals in all of my other classes.  I am praying that God will give me the guidance, focus, and motivation to keep organized and strong until I get this all done.  However I seem to be struggling with this computer class.  Not only is each and every assignment long and time consuming, but I have worked on a MAC for 5 years now.  So I know absolutely nothing about the new Windows format or anything pertaining to it. 

One thing I have always learned about working on assignments is that eventually you will get stuck in a rut and find yourself at the point of waving the flag of surrender.  So what I have to do is move to a different location or get a new change of scenery.  So today I went to our local coffee house and got loaded up on caffeine and got to work.  With my Ipod tuned to playlists such as Legally Blonde the Musical and Addams Family the Musical I cranked out a ton of work.  Hopefully after I get home I can be as productive.  Fingers crossed.

Another method that I can provide to help save your sanity during finals week is to take a break to exercise.  I have recently had to use the time that I would normally put towards going to the YMCA to workout towards my school work.  So I have noticed (unfortunately) that I am starting to gain wait again.  I have also noticed that when I am stressed I eat and I usually don't reach for the most nutritious food to snack on either.  So I have to consciously tell myself instead of grabbing the chocolate to grab some carrots and dip instead.  Also I have to force myself to take a break and exercise.  Pilaties has become a favorite of mine for it's core toning abilities and for the fact that it is almost like meditating at the same time.  I am able to relax and refocus as well as get that burst of energy that I so desperately need that I try to obtain by means other than caffeine.

Lastly, I have been praying a lot.  Asking God to forgive me for being lazy and for him to give me the strength to push forward.  Speaking of praying, we all need to focus our prayers for those who were affected by the recent storms in the south.  Several of my friends were affected in someway.  Praying is us having a conversation with God.  He wants us to talk to him.  He wants us to share our day with him, the good and the bad.  We shouldn't pray solely that we need help or that we know it will help a situation.  We should pray because God wants us to rely on him and share our lives with him.

Thanks for hanging with me through this extremely long post.  I haven't posted in a long time so I guess this makes up for it.  I hope some of the advice that I gave helps some of you out there.  Stay strong the end is almost near. 

Remember PHIL 4:13


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