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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Catching Up: Chicken and Veggies in the Crockpot and Mission Trip

Hey Everyone!!

Yes I am still alive!

I have to admit it has been hard getting back into the routine of things after being gone on the mission trip to Alabama.

It was one of the best mission trips that I have been on and I hope we can go back in October like we want to.

SO today I am playing a bit of catch up as the title says and I am bringing you a new recipe and a Wordless Wednesday all in one post!

For my recipes I am trying to make it easier for you guys to follow my recipes.

So I am excited to say that I have started using to create my step by step guides.

So I will post the link to the guide in the post along with the step by step pictures in Monday's posts.

Chicken and Veggie in the Crockpot

I am so excited to announce that this particular recipe has had so many views and favorites that has decided to feature it on their Iphone app and website!!

Let me know if you like this recipe and if you try it out.

Also let me know how you like the step by step guides on!

Next on this post are some pictures from the mission trip.

On Sunday I will be posting a new episode of Creating Classy TV that will show more pictures as well as video!

Thank you for hanging in there for this long post!

Hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day!

See you tomorrow for High Five For Friday!

Remember Phil. 4:13
God Bless


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